Hello everyone!  My, is it Thursday again??  And we all know what Thursdays are for

Thanks to Amanda’s fantastic brainchild, we can all have a chance to ramble, rant, rave, or be random, as the mood strikes us…without feeling all awkward and unpredictable.  And we get a chance to check out other blogs we’ve never heard of before, and then we realize that we’re not as alone as we thought: we all have a good dip of the out-of-the-blue randomness in us! 😉

1)  My cousin flung a craving on me the other week for her heavenly homemade Secret Weapon Peanut Butter Cups, and the craving has not left.  I just keep remembering biting into that yummy peanut-buttery-chocolatey goodness that just melted in my mouth and defied all my attempts to resist due to my peanut butter intolerance (thankfully, it’s not fatal, so I can decide to pay the consequences now and then)…man, it was so good!  May I suggest you make them?  While I’m suggesting you do it, I should too. <- YES!

Opal Team's Vancouver Visit (Mira) - May 2014 - 012

2)  Not gonna lie, and maybe one day I will take back my words (I have done this a thousand times before with fashion stuff), but I saw this in the store the other day and thought it was pretty much the dumbest-looking thing.
Thinking Out Loud #3 - October 2015 - 005In fact, I thought it was (for once) an original dumb fashion idea our generation had come up with.  Nope.  According to my mom, it’s another riff off of a 70s look.  And then I found out that it’s apparently a hot trend… It’s a poncho, people…with a belt…and leggings!!

3)  I have issues.  On multiple levels. 😉
Thinking Out Loud #3 - October 2015 - 001But seriously, one tremendously huge issue I’m attempting to work on right now is my body image/diet mindset/food freedom.  So far that’s involved lots of talks with my sisters (who are much better at engaging and combating the evil-gremlin-voices-in-their-heads) and my mom, listening to podcasts, reading articles and – my newest experiment – mirror self-talks.Thinking Out Loud #3 - October 2015 - 003I’ve heard from lots of people that this really helps, and since it costs nothing and couldn’t hurt, I decided to try it, as well as adding my own twist: taking the weirdest, craziest selfies I can manage, sometimes in the mirror, sometimes as a true selfie.Thinking Out Loud #3 - October 2015 - 004
I’m hoping this also improves my selfie skills?  I am the world’s worst selfie-taker.Thinking Out Loud #3 - October 2015 - 002

4)  Our weather’s been weird.  We’re talking mornings that start off like this…

Thinking Out Loud #3 - October 2015 - 007{this does not show the heavy hoody and white breath}

And end like this, gradually switching sometime over the course of the day…

Thinking Out Loud #3 - October 2015 - 006
{this does not show my short-sleeves and sunglasses}

I’ll take it though, if it means I can keep the sun and temperate-ish weather for a little longer.  And when the bone-chilling cold sets in for good, I’ll pile on the hoodies, blankets and hot beverages by the fire.  Currently, though, it’s just at that weird point, where I’m not sure whether to crack out my fall wardrobe yet, or whether to keep doing the on-ing/off-ing of layers as the day progresses.

5)  It’s looking like I am going to have a b.u.s.y. October and boy, am I jazzed just thinking about what’s on the calendar!!  I am going to help take care my cousins’ kiddos (and they are some of the cutest, y’all, just sayin’…and I am not biased at all 😜) mid-October and boy, am I excited about that!!  I feel like I haven’t seen them in for-ever, even though it’s only been 5 months and it used to be we went years in between seeing each other (whaaa???  How did I even live? 😆😉), but I haven’t even met their newest little guy, and he’s so big!!!  Okay, so moving on…then the following week, my aunt (and maybe uncle too?) is coming to visit, and I’m pretty much over-the-top excited about that as well.  I love both of them to pieces….  My aunt is one of those precious people who knows how to truly listen; she hears what your heart is saying and she knows just how to make you feel better.  Then the week after that, I am going down to California for two weeks to help out my grandparents while my grandma has heart surgery.  Now, I’m not excited she’s having heart surgery, but the good news is that it’s nothing too serious right now and everyone’s expecting and praying that it’ll go smoothly.  BUT, that said, I am excited that I get to go and help them, branching out, doing things outside my comfort zone, but also mixed in with things totally in my forte, and maybe possibly seeing other family I haven’t seen in many years.  I have a feeling Granddad and I are going to do just fine while Grandma’s in the hospital, and once she’s out, we’ll all be breathing a sigh of relief and I’ll have a week to spend with her also!  This was a very long TOL-style-ramble to say that I will probably not be able to post much between now and November (probably not even TOL or Friday Favorites posts), especially in October.  But that’s because I’m having a ton of fun with my RL peeps and I’ll see you more regularly again in November (though not to say that I won’t post from now to November…it’ll just be very sporadic)!

And that’s it for today, folks!  See you ’round! 😉

What about you?  Have you cracked out your fall/winter clothes yet?
Do you have difficulty striking the “on-command-goofy-weirdness” of selfies?
Have you ever thought a trend looked stupid/silly/ugly, and then later changed your mind (possibly even wearing it yourself)?  What was it?

2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #3

  1. Yes, yes and maybe. I cracked out boots the other day, but they came off halfway through. I take smiling selfies all the time, but am not good at silly ones. And on command silly photos I’m just horrible at. As for the fashion trend, I usually secretly like it, but don’t say anything, although I wouldn’t put it past myself to change my mind completely. 😀


    1. Say! Say when you secretly like it! You might influence me…I love to be convinced that something trendy is cute. 😜 And I’m jealous of your on-command silly faces; they look so natural (and hilarious 😄)!


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