Five x Five x Two

Note to the math geeks: I am well aware that this one post is not a list of 50 things and that my title is misleading.  It just seemed clever to me, even though it’s not accurate.  Though by the time you finished laboring through both posts, theoretically, you should have read through more than 50 favorites!

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Five x Five

This post has been a long, long time in coming.  Get ready for an overload of my current favorite things!!  Inspired by several other similar posts I’ve seen out there, I combined my own twist on those posts together with an idea I’d had for a long time (which I still might do sometime) to put together my top five must-read/sees for y’all.  But I always have trouble deciding, so these are the favorites that I am enjoying right now.  Some of them are also all-time favorites. 😜

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Full-On Cali-Girl, Part 2

While Auntie Lizzy and Bunny were gone, I carpe diemed (yes, that’s a verb!  Of course it is!) and let Kuma sleep on my bed.  One morning, I woke up, sleeping on my belly (which I hardly ever do) and Kuma was curled up on the backs of my knees.  You can’t see it really well here, due to all the blankets, but I literally bent over backwards and got into some awkward positions to try to get this picture without Kuma getting up.

March California Trip - February-March 2016 - 014 (533x800)


Other times, she just curled up next to me.  It was so much fun, and so sweet!!  Of course, forget it once Auntie Lizzy and Bunny came home, because I was no longer even a tempting prospect! 😉

March California Trip - February-March 2016 - 017 (800x533)

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Full-On Cali-Girl, Part 1

Sorry I’ve been absent/sporadic for the last couple of months year…I still love blogging and writing for you guys, but you see, when there isn’t much going on in life, there isn’t much to blog about.  Like, “ooh, I went to the grocery store today!” might make an interesting post once, but pretty soon, it’d get old. 😉  Tongue-and-cheek aside, though, I have had a million and one random post ideas (not many with pictures) that I’ve wanted to write, didn’t have the time and then promptly forgot.  Enter giant sad face.  (In other posting news, I am working on a mammoth post of epic proportions on some of my favorite things ever.  Or at least currently. 😜)  I’m going through this very odd period of my life right now where I’m doing basically nothing other than normal daily/weekly routines, and yet I’m frightfully “busy”.  I can’t seem to find time to do this, that or the other thing, and I’m left wondering, what is it that I am really doing all day??

So there are the times when I’m busy doing something I can’t really identify, and then there are the times I’m busy doing something I can most certainly put my finger on.  Like making trips down to California to help take care of my grandma.  This time, I went with my sister Katie.

March California Trip - February-March 2016 - 001 (800x534)

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TOL #4: On being a kid, trends and Panera

Ahhh…back to ye good olde Thinking Out Loud!!  It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these, and I’ve been dying to do the random spilling thoughts + linking up with all my fellow TOL-ers, courtesy the wonderful Amanda.

1) Recently, my sibs and I decided to crack out an old kids’ computer game from our childhood and play it again.  Yes, and we are all teenagers/in our twenties. 😆  Anyone else remember Oregon Trail??  We have like the second version ever, and even had to install the oldest OS we had on a virtual machine in order to run it!  But childhood nostalgia…the best!

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 007 (800x534)

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Cali Food, Hannah-Style

Hello everyone!  This promised post has been a long time in the queue, but I’m only finally putting it together.  Pre-warning: these are all phone pics, so ahem, not super-high-quality, to put it mildly.  But they are iPhone pics, which I am kind of jealous of the iPhone’s camera which I think turns out way better pictures in normal lighting than my current Nokia Lumia…though I shouldn’t be ungrateful, because the Lumia is pretty good, especially compared to my last phone, the HTC 8x.

Featuring, in no particular order, some of the food I ate in California during my grandma’s surgery and the first part of her recovery from the strokes.

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