The End

Right off, let’s mention the elephant in the room: I’ve only made a smattering of posts over the last many months (dare I say a year plus?).  Talk about -> 😳😳😳  So I wanted to have a chat with you about the future of the blog and why I haven’t been posting.  I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, but I’d procrastinate and then forget, and then my sister did it for her blog and really lit a fire under me unintentionally. 😜

I guess if you boiled it down, I haven’t been blogging because a) I’ve been busy, and b) I didn’t really have much to say.

Busy-ness-wise, I now have a job (still feels weird to say…) working for my cousin’s wife Beth. 😜  Once a month, I take a week and go down and help her prep food, clean dishes and take care of her kids so her work, photography process and recipe development are more efficient and streamlined.  I also just signed up to take an online course I’ve been looking forward to for some time: a Personality Profiler Training course!  Very excited about that!!  I’ve been listening to the founders’ podcast for I think a year or so and it’s one of my favorites.  They go in-depth and high-level on the principles and models of personality.  I’m also trying to fit in the occasional babysitting job, visiting local young adult groups and trips to California (*fingers crossed*).

Okay, to be honest, I would have time if I tried.  Because there are times I sit down to chill and choose a relaxing activity that is not blogging (hi YouTube and sometimes books 🙋🏽) when I could be drafting up a post.  But I don’t, and that’s basically because of a couple of reasons.  One is like I said, I couldn’t think of much to write about.  We don’t really have any social life anymore, so forget about picture posts as a general rule.  And I didn’t have a lot of topics or thoughts I wanted to monologue about.  Which brings me to another point that is really hard for me to even mention.

I am grateful for every single one of you.  But it’s really hard maintaining two blogs, and it’s especially discouraging when it seems I am pouring words, posts and myself into a dark black hole of nothingness.  I feel I do that enough in real life to expend energy doing it online.   I wish it didn’t matter to me whether anyone was reading or not, and to give myself some credit, sometimes it doesn’t matter to me.  If I really want to write, I write.  But on some days, it makes me sad to think that basically no one reads it.

As I think about it, though, I feel like it’s bigger than the no-one’s-reading-it problem.  I think I’d just lost interest for the most part.  Very hard for me to say, as I imagined going strong with blogging at least until I had kids.  And again, to be fair, with a lack of engaging content in our lives (and my mind is not the garden of deep and meaningful ponderings that I can pluck from to plumb on the blog), I was bound to hit dry at some point.

Also I have found a new medium: YouTube.  Abbie and I started a channel together, and though we don’t know where exactly we are heading right now, we’re kind of taking it as they come and learning as we go.  We have a super-cringy intro video to our channel, as well as some vlogs from California and a few other meanderings.  I hope we can film some more main channel-style videos soon (like tags/Q & A type vids, challenges, etc.) with what I’m sure will be an as-cheap-as-we-can DIY lighting arrangement, but we haven’t done those yet.  For now, in this moment, I am really enjoying making and editing videos for the same reasons I originally started a blog: I love storytelling.  And crafting and curating content to best tell that story is fun for me.

Now I’m sure you are all anticipating goodbye.  And to some extent, I guess it is. But that just feels too final to me, closing my options. 😜  I may randomly pop in when I want to monologue and don’t care if anybody sees.  For the purposes of clarity, though, I anticipate this being rare, and I am basically considering this blog closed.*

I’m sorry if this disappoints any of you or if you were really hoping to connect with me this way.  If you ran into me online and you’re curious and want to know more about me, or if you just want to follow along with our journey on YouTube, please feel free to subscribe to our channel!!  And if you want to receive notifications whenever we upload a new video, you can hit the little gray bell next to the subscribe button. 😉

Thank you for understanding!  Have a wonderful, purpose-filled life!  Never give up pressing on and seeking true joy and love!

“‘Beloved’ said the Glorious One, ‘unless thy desire had been for me thou wouldst not have sought so long and so truly.  For all find what they truly seek.'”
~Emeth, telling the story of his encounter with Aslan in The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis

*If you run into my blog online in the hope of acquiring the name “” for yourself, please email me at livelikeyouareloved[at]outlook[dot]com, and I will be happy to discuss transferring to to you.

Five x Five x Two

Note to the math geeks: I am well aware that this one post is not a list of 50 things and that my title is misleading.  It just seemed clever to me, even though it’s not accurate.  Though by the time you finished laboring through both posts, theoretically, you should have read through more than 50 favorites!

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Five x Five

This post has been a long, long time in coming.  Get ready for an overload of my current favorite things!!  Inspired by several other similar posts I’ve seen out there, I combined my own twist on those posts together with an idea I’d had for a long time (which I still might do sometime) to put together my top five must-read/sees for y’all.  But I always have trouble deciding, so these are the favorites that I am enjoying right now.  Some of them are also all-time favorites. 😜

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Full-On Cali-Girl, Part 2

While Auntie Lizzy and Bunny were gone, I carpe diemed (yes, that’s a verb!  Of course it is!) and let Kuma sleep on my bed.  One morning, I woke up, sleeping on my belly (which I hardly ever do) and Kuma was curled up on the backs of my knees.  You can’t see it really well here, due to all the blankets, but I literally bent over backwards and got into some awkward positions to try to get this picture without Kuma getting up.

March California Trip - February-March 2016 - 014 (533x800)


Other times, she just curled up next to me.  It was so much fun, and so sweet!!  Of course, forget it once Auntie Lizzy and Bunny came home, because I was no longer even a tempting prospect! 😉

March California Trip - February-March 2016 - 017 (800x533)

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Full-On Cali-Girl, Part 1

Sorry I’ve been absent/sporadic for the last couple of months year…I still love blogging and writing for you guys, but you see, when there isn’t much going on in life, there isn’t much to blog about.  Like, “ooh, I went to the grocery store today!” might make an interesting post once, but pretty soon, it’d get old. 😉  Tongue-and-cheek aside, though, I have had a million and one random post ideas (not many with pictures) that I’ve wanted to write, didn’t have the time and then promptly forgot.  Enter giant sad face.  (In other posting news, I am working on a mammoth post of epic proportions on some of my favorite things ever.  Or at least currently. 😜)  I’m going through this very odd period of my life right now where I’m doing basically nothing other than normal daily/weekly routines, and yet I’m frightfully “busy”.  I can’t seem to find time to do this, that or the other thing, and I’m left wondering, what is it that I am really doing all day??

So there are the times when I’m busy doing something I can’t really identify, and then there are the times I’m busy doing something I can most certainly put my finger on.  Like making trips down to California to help take care of my grandma.  This time, I went with my sister Katie.

March California Trip - February-March 2016 - 001 (800x534)

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TOL #4: On being a kid, trends and Panera

Ahhh…back to ye good olde Thinking Out Loud!!  It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these, and I’ve been dying to do the random spilling thoughts + linking up with all my fellow TOL-ers, courtesy the wonderful Amanda.

1) Recently, my sibs and I decided to crack out an old kids’ computer game from our childhood and play it again.  Yes, and we are all teenagers/in our twenties. 😆  Anyone else remember Oregon Trail??  We have like the second version ever, and even had to install the oldest OS we had on a virtual machine in order to run it!  But childhood nostalgia…the best!

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 007 (800x534)

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