I’m embarrassed by these pictures already.  Here’s the thing, I was hesitant to post any pictures of food because I follow so many food blogs and have seen so much on good food photography.  Even if I can’t get my own pictures to turn out like that, I know a good food shot when I see one…and same goes for a bad one…

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Making Cashew Butter - September 2015 - 001 (533x800)

But I don’t have any fancy equipment aside from the family DSLR (💗); I don’t even have un-fancy equipment.  And I figured a lot of you are probably in the same camp as me: you see all these epic bloggers who rock food photography like a boss even when they say their photos are horrid, but all you have is your camera + yellow-y kitchen lights.  So this is for all of you out there like me, to show that there are other people out there who take awful photos of delicious stuff. 😉  Also, if in the future I magically acquire ninja photography skills, I’ll probably be pointing people back here, so hello future everyone! 😜

Okay, so about these pictures.  I just needed to tell the world how awesome a Vitamix is.  I mean, probably by now there’s the Vitamix-Fan-Club and the BlendTec-Fan-Club, and then there’s the Everyone-Else-Fan-Club/Wish-I-Had-One-Club.  But the Vitamix is pretty much the number 1 thing I want when I grow up and get married.  Like I can’t even imagine my life without a Vitamix, and even more specifically, a Vitamix 5200 (yep, I’m old school…let me make the decisions, please).

I was making cashew butter; just watch this baby run!
Making Cashew Butter - September 2015 - 002 (800x533)
The thing that puts it in a league of its own in my opinion?  That stick.  That tamper makes all. the. difference.You can push things down into the blades without having to constantly stop and scrape, and it provides a central pole around which the vortex can swirl without creating (most of the time) an air pocket.  Because of this, you can blend something the thickness of softserve.
Making Cashew Butter - September 2015 - 003 (534x800)
Many people actually do not push their Vitamixs as far as they might before adding more liquid to loosen it up, because you have to listen to the motor and (this sounds weird, I know) do what it tells you.  Like a stick-shift car.  When the Vitamix motor hits that high squeal, that when you have to do something (different depending on what you’re blending); sometimes it means tamping down the corners, sometimes release the tamper to the pull of the vortex so that the vortex has something to grip, occasionally the only thing to do is stop it and scrape it down.  When it makes a deep, growl-y, gripping noise, that’s what you want (especially if it’s on high, because that’s when the cooling fan for the motor turns on).  Let the vortex take over and you’re basically home free.  Weeee!  Look at her go!
Making Cashew Butter - September 2015 - 004 (800x534)

I only had to let the cashew butter run for about 1-2 minutes once the vortex fully kicked in until it was beautifully smooth like frosting.  I am very weird about my food preferences, and I like my nut butters thick, and when I say thick, I mean t.h.i.c.k.!!  Like pasty (but not salty, ick!).  Plus, when I make my own nut butters, they come out super oily/greasy (I am very sensitive to the oil-slick-in-my-mouth feel), so I spread it out on a cookie sheet, cover it with loads of paper towels, nest another cookie sheet on top and put the heaviest weights we own on top to press it down.  The heaviest weights we own happen to be 45lbs. and those bad boys take care of the job in about 24 hours (maybe less).
Making Cashew Butter - September 2015 - 005 (800x533)
Which reminds me, my cashew butter is still trapped under a load of oppression and it’s actually overdue to be relieved, so I’d better go attend to that.  Just yet another example of yet another reason why I love, love, LOVE our Vitamix and can’t imagine living without one!! 😍  Not to mention I use it regularly multiple times a day… 😝😋

P.S.  This review/fangirl rave was my own idea and Vitamix has no idea who I am, much less that I am writing this.

2 thoughts on “Why I Love My Vitamix

  1. Ooo yum! I love Vitamix as well! I have an older model (Actually very old) back at home, so I can only make smoothies with it. Tried making almond butter with it once, and it took forever. Your cashew butter looks delicious and creamy though 🙂


    1. Why thank you, Vivian! I found that, having fallen in love with the model I have, I dislike the less control the newer models give me. Which is really a big problemo, because actually technically that Vitamix isn’t mine…it’s my parents’, and I know I will *need* a Vitamix when I move out. And by the time I have enough money to actually buy one myself, I’m afraid they will have discontinued my favorite model. 😐


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