And just like that, another week gone by.  Well, maybe it went by slower for some of you. 😉  Let’s celebrate the awesome things of the week together!  I almost couldn’t stop as favorites were pouring in my head.  So this list may or may not end up being five things.  But I’d better get a move on and not ramble quite as much as I did last week, because I have a full plate today, and dinner and laundry is calling my name.

Friday Favorites #2 - October 2015 - 0021)  Our wax warmer.  My mom bought it a couple of years ago from Costco, and we rigged up a safe place for it in our room.  So provided I restock it with a fresh cube every time the current one starts to lose it’s scent, our room always smells delicious.  I didn’t like most of the wax scents that came with the burner, but my mom makes her own and they are the best.  I mean, at least 75-85% of our wax are supposed to smell like some sort of foodstuff, and food smells are definitely, undeniably the best.  Currently, it’s peppermint, but my other favorites are gingerbread and pumpkin souffle (why souffle, rather than just pumpkin??).  It basically makes our room smell like all the best fall/winter/cozy kitchen smells…comfort right there.

Friday Favorites #2 - October 2015 - 0012)  Coconut flour.  Mom bought some for a recipe awhile ago, and I told her, “You know you can make that yourself?”  She did, but responded with, “I’m not using a whole lot, and the convenience is worth it.”  Then I – um – borrowed some for a recipe I was making and fell immediately head over heels in love (I’d only used coconut flour like once or twice before in a dish where you could barely detect it).  It’s not helping that pretty much the entirety of Arman’s site could go on my “must try” list, so I think I’m blaming him for my current addiction to coconut flour, because it was one of his recipes that got me started.  But I mean really, he’s totally talking my language…duh, of course recipes from the king of no-bake would sound good to me who likes almost everything better raw.  Anyhow, I’ve been using coconut flour more and more.  Maybe I should start making it.  Especially to replenish Mom’s stock, because I think I use it now more than her. 😳😱

Friday Favorites #2 - October 2015 - 0033)  Dressing my American Girl doll.  Yes, I’m actually 8 years old.  I don’t really play with my AG doll anymore, but I still love picking out clothes and dressing her up.  She’s so old at this point that I don’t do her hair as much as I used to, but periodically, I change her clothes.  She’s actually old enough that I actually maybe should have said she’s a Pleasant Company doll (because, yes, I’m weirdly proud that I got my AG doll before Mattel acquired the Pleasant Company).  And, in case you’re wondering, she does sit on my bed all the time.

4)  Portal’s fact sphere.  My siblings have played the video game Portal and this last week, they went online and found a clip of everything the fact sphere ever says in the entire game.  It’s basically spouting random facts, some true and some false, at top speed, and it’s just hilarious.  I laughed till I could laugh no more. 😂  Note: be sure to play it when no one else is around or when everyone else is listening with you, because if someone’s trying to focus or screen it out, it can get very annoying VERY fast.  Just a tip. 😉

Friday Favorites #2 - October 2015 - 0045)  Texting with my grandma.  Speaking of laughing till I died…oh my gosh, you guys, this was probably THE most hysterical thing I did all week!!  I laughed till I cried (😂x like 30) and my sides hurt and I really started to feel like I’d done an oblique workout.  Grandma just got her first smartphone, and though we’ve all been telling her that she’d love texting (she emails like most people text), she staunchly stood by her assertion that she’d never be able to able to figure it out and, besides, her fingers would be too big.  Well, when her purse was stolen (😩) and they needed to get a new phone, they got an iPhone and, as they say, the rest is history.  Personally, I think she’s pretty much rocking it like a boss…and she loves finding appropriate emojis.  If you’ve read any of my previous 7 posts, you probably know that I love my emojis.  Well, I’ve found my partner in emoji-crime. 😜  And had my laughter therapy session for the week!

Alrighty, peeps, gotta run!  This post took me longer than I had hoped for me to write and now I am thinking bed thoughts.  Have a wonderful weekend and an even awesome-er week filled with amazing things!

Do you have an American Girl doll?  All my siblings except my youngest brother Luke (including my two older brothers) have one.  I don’t know, I think Luke is missing out on a vital part of his growing-up.  Next birthday, you think??

What’s your favorite smell?

What’s been your favorite things about this week?

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites (October 2, 2015)

  1. Haha, yes, I’m sure an American Girl Doll is just what every sixteen (yikes!) year old boy wants for his birthday… 😀

    I really love patchouli, and hyacinth is one of my favorite flower smells. I’m just neutral on food smells…sorry! 😉


    1. That last bit was confusing… I’m neutral to food smells in candles and stuff; if it’s real food cooking in the oven, I don’t mind at all! As long as it’s something sweet. Occasionally savory stuff smells good, but it usually doesn’t stay good, if you know what I mean. 🙂


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