Cali Food, Hannah-Style

Hello everyone!  This promised post has been a long time in the queue, but I’m only finally putting it together.  Pre-warning: these are all phone pics, so ahem, not super-high-quality, to put it mildly.  But they are iPhone pics, which I am kind of jealous of the iPhone’s camera which I think turns out way better pictures in normal lighting than my current Nokia Lumia…though I shouldn’t be ungrateful, because the Lumia is pretty good, especially compared to my last phone, the HTC 8x.

Featuring, in no particular order, some of the food I ate in California during my grandma’s surgery and the first part of her recovery from the strokes.

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Trail Mix Dough

Hey everyone!  I know I said that I wanted to write a California food post for y’all, buuuut…there’s a bit of a back story here, so let me explain why I’m actually bringing you guys a sort-of-recipe today.  Firstly, The Unconventional Kitchen is not a food blog. Read more

Friday Favorites (October 2, 2015)

And just like that, another week gone by.  Well, maybe it went by slower for some of you. 😉  Let’s celebrate the awesome things of the week together!  I almost couldn’t stop as favorites were pouring in my head.  So this list may or may not end up being five things.  But I’d better get a move on and not ramble quite as much as I did last week, because I have a full plate today, and dinner and laundry is calling my name.

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Thinking Out Loud #3

Hello everyone!  My, is it Thursday again??  And we all know what Thursdays are for

Thanks to Amanda’s fantastic brainchild, we can all have a chance to ramble, rant, rave, or be random, as the mood strikes us…without feeling all awkward and unpredictable.  And we get a chance to check out other blogs we’ve never heard of before, and then we realize that we’re not as alone as we thought: we all have a good dip of the out-of-the-blue randomness in us! 😉

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Why I Love My Vitamix

I’m embarrassed by these pictures already.  Here’s the thing, I was hesitant to post any pictures of food because I follow so many food blogs and have seen so much on good food photography.  Even if I can’t get my own pictures to turn out like that, I know a good food shot when I see one…and same goes for a bad one…

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Making Cashew Butter - September 2015 - 001 (533x800)

But I don’t have any fancy equipment aside from the family DSLR (💗); I don’t even have un-fancy equipment.  And I figured a lot of you are probably in the same camp as me: you see all these epic bloggers who rock food photography like a boss even when they say their photos are horrid, but all you have is your camera + yellow-y kitchen lights.  So this is for all of you out there like me, to show that there are other people out there who take awful photos of delicious stuff. 😉  Also, if in the future I magically acquire ninja photography skills, I’ll probably be pointing people back here, so hello future everyone! 😜

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Friday Favorites (September 25, 2015)

Hello again, wonderful people!  Here we are, one of my favorite days of the week, and apparently the close-to-favorite day of much of the online world, if phrases like “TGIF” and “Fri-YAY!” (<-love it!) are to be trusted.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was undecided in my stance on Fridays.  I mean, sure, it was almost the weekend, but not yet, and that felt like a letdown.  But now I’m firmly in the I-love-Friday-camp, because it is indeed almost the weekend and for whatever reason, I usually have a lot of time of Fridays.  Weird, I know.  But I’ve always loved considering five (or so) things for which I am thankful over the course of the week.  One of my favorite blogs, My Uncommon Everyday, always does a Friday Favorites post, and I would write all my favorites down, answer all her questions and post it as an EPICALLY long email comment (sorry, Ellen!).  Yes, I am that weird, online-socially-awkward person (actually, I’m socially awkward in real life, but that’s a topic for another time).  Anyhow, Ellen’s such a sweet person, and her blog is a such fun read; you really should go check her out!  After that blog pitch fan-girl crush, without further ado, let us dive right in to the best part of the week!  In no particular order. 😏  This was a particularly lovely week, and the ideas came without me even trying.

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