I haven’t had time to join in on the TOL fun for awhile and now I have a bit of time to put something together.  Thank you so much to one of my absolute favorites, Amanda, for her dedication of going to the work to host this every week!

1)  I can never remember which side the cart is supposed to go on when I’m in line at the grocery store.  Ever.  Plus, I apparently have this weird magnetism to doing the exact opposite of the correct thing (in anything, especially group classes 😕😳), so I almost always end up going on the wrong side first, and then hastily rearranging my cart and myself when I realize my mistake.  Unless my sister is there to prevent me embarrassing myself in the first place.  What was worse was when I noticed that I’d been overlooking for who knows how long this sign at Costco directing you.  I only just noticed it.

TOL #5 - April 2016 - 001 (533x800)


2)  After the period of my life which revolved around my exercise addiction and eating disorder, I took great pleasure in discarding my gym membership cards!!  I ripped them off, threw them in and took a picture to celebrate!!  It was so encouraging that I finally had the courage to do this, even though my membership has been discontinued for awhile.  To me, it seemed like being a quitter to get rid of it.  But I reminded myself that I was quitting from activities that weren’t the best for my body and didn’t serve me.

TOL #5 - April 2016 - 002 (800x534)


3)  Isn’t this a beautiful key??  I saw it at my aunt’s house and it looked like a key that would open a secret trunk or door of mystery.  I don’t know what it was for, but it looked so cool.  If it was mine, I’d probably wear it as a necklace. 😉

TOL #5 - April 2016 - 003 (800x533)


4)  Trader Joe’s recently started selling dried persimmons and after getting hooked on fresh Fuyu persimmons last summer from Costco, I really wanted to try the dried ones.  Abbie and I were snacking on them on the way home and one of us ran into a heart one.  Made me smile! 😊

TOL #5 - April 2016 - 004 (533x800)


5)  I saw this in one of the nearby neighborhoods on a walk I took one day, and boy, am I tempted…so, so tempted.  After years of taking care of wild wilderness (at our first house) and then grass that was always struggling towards lush (at our second house), ripping it all out and covering it with thick layers of rocks sounds very appealing.

TOL #5 - April 2016 - 008 (800x533)


6)  Apparently, it’s ladybug season!!  The first one I saw had pinprick spots and I began to wonder if ladybugs in our area even had spots, as most of them that we’ve seen are like this little goober.

TOL #5 - April 2016 - 005 (534x800)

But then I saw this dude on a (different 😜) walk and he was more your typical ladybug.  I am so a ladybug person…my sister is a big butterfly girl and I love butterflies too, but I’ve had this special thing with ladybugs all my life. 🐞  Weird, right?

TOL #5 - April 2016 - 007 (605x403)


7)  And last but not least, I apparently am getting officially old (at 25??).  I have my first legit gray hair!  It’s hard to see in the picture, but in real life, it really is gray, all the way to the roots (and oddly, it’s also coarser and kinkier than my other hair).  I had a strand once that was brown and about 6″ down it turned gray/white for about 1″ and then went back to being brown.  I know it sounds hard to believe, but it’s true, I swear!  Apparently that can happen if you go through a super-stressful time in your life.  Eventually that one grew out though.  I wonder if this one is here to stay?

TOL #5 - April 2016 - 006 (532x800)


^^Not on purpose, but y’all will notice that I’m not of the party who cares about ending my TOLs on a certain number (even/odd/or even “unlucky” 7!).  Anyway, have a wonderful, happy Thursday!  Make it a good one!!

Do you have any gray hairs?  If so, how old were you when you noticed your first one?

Do you have a special affinity for a certain animal?

Please tell me I’m not alone!  Do you ever mess up the customer/cart side of the checkstand?


4 thoughts on “TOL #5: Embarrassing mistakes, ladybugs and getting old

  1. No, you’re not alone. I’m definitely super-confused by which side my cart’s supposed to go on. At the two main grocery stores I shop at since I moved to Colorado–Trader Joe’s and Albertsons–they take the cart with them around the back but check you out on the other side, and it’s so. confusing.
    I’ve yet to find a gray on me, but my cousin first started getting them when she was three years old, poor dear!
    That is so brave of you to rip up your gym fobs. I’m not sure I could ever have done that at any point in my recovery journey.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Joyce! Thankfully, my orthorexia/exercise addiction didn’t get too extreme and wasn’t as long-lasting as some people’s before I “just so happened” to run into some life-saving resources that changed my life and saved me plunging to a much deeper rock bottom. So while it has been and is still a journey, I feel like I’ve been blessed with a much easier road than many, difficult as it may be for me.

      And thanks for commiserating with me; it’s good to know that I’m not just stupid or something. 😜 TJ’s confuses me the most, and they don’t have a sign!

      Wow, your poor cousin!! I guess she was wise ahead of her time. 😉


    1. Lol, yes! And I think you’re wearing off on me, because I’m developing a rapidly increasing obsession with dragons myself. #ridingdragons #dragonasapet #teamdragon #lifegoals 😂


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