Hello everyone!!  I have a few things knocking around in my mind that I want to share with you, but it’ll have to be short, because I only have time to pop in really quick today. ☹

Number one, I have a question and a challenge for all of you.

Something for you to think about…who is/are your hero(s)?  Those to whom you look up, those who you couldn’t live without, those who make this world a better place, those who have saved your life, those who are always there for you, those who support you, those listening ears, warm hearts and open arms…whatever it is that left an impression on your mind and heart, who was it that left that impression?  Multiple someones?  My challenge to you is to let this person/people know the difference they made in your life: text them, send them a message via the social media of your choice, email them.  Whatever your preferred modus operandi, go for it!  Literally, knowing that they changed your life can change their life!!  And then, just because I’m nosy, I’d love it if you could give a shout-out to them in the comments so I can hear about all the wonderful people!!

And last but most certainly not least, one of my favorite bloggers, Lindsay @Pinch of Yum and her husband Bjork (who are both super-awesome people!) are doing a flash fundraiser for 5 days (this is the 4th day…sorry it took me so long to tell y’all!) to raise money to feed the kids at the orphanage in Cebu (the Children’s Shelter of Cebu) where they worked for a year.  Ever since I read my first post of Lindsay’s about the shelter, the stories and faces of the kids melted my heart, and I’ve since had a special place in my heart for CSC.  I was super-excited when I heard about Lindsay and Bjork’s fundraising opportunity and I wanted to let y’all know about it in case you were interested.  Obviously, I know that not everyone is in a position to give monetarily, but prayers for these little ones and their caretakers are always appreciated and just as important!

Ta-ta for now!  Hope to be back soon!

One thought on “Hero Tributes and 2 Days Left!!

  1. Reblogged this on Cracks in the Fence and commented:
    Hey guys! I also follow Lindsay, and was going to share her post on here, but my sister beat me to it, and wrote a post on her blog that I liked so much, I decided to just reblog it! Hope you are have an amazing day (and enjoy the weather if you have anything like the weather here!)!! TTYL! ❤


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