Ahhh…back to ye good olde Thinking Out Loud!!  It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these, and I’ve been dying to do the random spilling thoughts + linking up with all my fellow TOL-ers, courtesy the wonderful Amanda.

1) Recently, my sibs and I decided to crack out an old kids’ computer game from our childhood and play it again.  Yes, and we are all teenagers/in our twenties. 😆  Anyone else remember Oregon Trail??  We have like the second version ever, and even had to install the oldest OS we had on a virtual machine in order to run it!  But childhood nostalgia…the best!

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 007 (800x534)

Oh, and the hunting aspect. 😠😖  Literally it’s like 80% of the game and hunting itself is 90% luck (depending on what animals the program decided to give you).  We finally gave up about halfway to Oregon, because for whatever reason, the game kept making all our people get sick and nothing would cure them and they’d end up dying.  Both my sister Abbie and I refused to go further on the trail with dead family members (very unrealistic, but possible when you have such a thing as a saved game).  I personally think the game was all screwed up from sitting on the shelf all these years, because it was never that impossible when we were younger.

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 008 (800x534)

2)  I recently had my first ever trip to our brand-new Panera Bread!  Kids’ day out with my best friends!

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 006 (800x533)

I ordered a Turkey Bacon Bravo, swapping out the Tomato Basil bread for an Asiago bagel.  Despite being allergic, going out to eat is usually one of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that I make the decision to splurge and eat whatever I want, whether or not I’m sensitive to it or not (I am so thankful that I can make the choice to have such delicious foods on occasion, and not have to go off of them 100%!).  Since it was a cold day, I asked them to panini it for me.  So glad I made both those changes!  It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long, long time and certainly would make best food of the month!!  You really come to appreciate how good something tastes if you have to eliminate it for a certain period of time.

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 005 (800x533)

3) You guys!  I finally got my my driver’s license!  I am so, so happy, because for a long time, I’ve been anxious to just get. it. over. with. and be done with practicing, especially dumb driving maneuvers one basically only uses to pass the test (such as the illegal move of backing around a corner).  As of the moment of writing, my permanent one hasn’t come yet, but I’ve got the temp and that’s good enough!  I needed ID to be able to fly at the end of February, but after that our family are all going to upgrade our licenses to enhanced ones.  Which makes me both happy and excited.  It gives me a little thrill I can do something, even if I never end up actually doing it.

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 009 (532x800)

4) My brother Luke’s dog Keely was curled up in her bed, which we’d perched atop a chest of drawers while we cleaned the house.  She looked so adorable, I had to snap a picture.  Keely is so sweet, she’s hard not to spoil! 😇

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 001 (800x533)

5)  What happened that all of a sudden one day made hanging out at a coffee shop so popular? I mean, I know the free Wifi, access to coffee, relatively interruption-free atmosphere, etc., I get it.  But doesn’t it ever make you stop aand wonder who started the trend?  Nowadays, it is THE THING for a working Millennial to do.  If you are younger than 40, single, and work from home, that’s pretty much code for “work-from-Starbucks” (or fill in the name of your favorite coffee shop).  Nothing against it, not at all!  If I worked from home and lived alone, I would be right there with them (especially since I love being trendy as a general rule 😝).  But it cracks me up as a normal person walking into a Starbucks or other coffee shop to see all the work-from-home-Millennials, typing away.  And to see that all the coffee shops are quickly adapting to the trend, stocking their shops with more than just drinks, pastries and the occasional snack-y item, expanding to a full-on breakfast/lunch menu and sometimes even dinner options. 😉  Anyhow, I’m easily entertained, but it does make me think…who is it who gets to decide what the latest Thing is and what it is that all the Cool Kids do?? 😎

6) Remember how I said I love being trendy?  Well, right now, I’m kind of really wanting I could have a pair of ankle boots.  Especially before they go out of style.  Though I’m not sure I would get a lot of wear out of them…maybe it’s just my want-to-be-cute-cool-and-stylish side…

7)  I am totally in love with the Apple camera and was playing around with filters…’cause I am also totally obsessed.  And kind of mad that I haven’t been able to find out how to get filters in the built-in app on my iPad mini 4 (all the research I found online said that it wasn’t available for the mini 4).  If any of you have it figured out, please let me know!  In the meantime, I did find another awesome app to use on the occasion that I do take photos with the iPad.  But mostly I use the iPod my cousins gave us. 📱😍

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 002 (533x800)

8) Ironic, I had this planned as one of my TOL randomness already, but speaking of my cousins, I’ve been so missing them and their little ones!

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 003 (533x800)

I love yokiddos!!

Thinking Out Loud #4 - January 2016 - 004 (800x533)

9) I’ve lately been obsessed with these two songs.  They are some of the best to dance to, and I don’t even care that they are from kids’ movies (okay, to be 100% honest, I get embarrassed when I tell people stuff like this that shows I’m not the pulled-together-adultish-mid-twenty-something I am supposed to be).  I love a lot of kids movies.

I literally think I could jam to these many times a day without getting tired of them (um, and have…)!  They are just so fun, and in the case of The Great Divide, have personal meaning to me.  They really get your dance on! 💃🏽

That’s about all for me today, folks!  I’ll see you all next time!  Till then, have many beautiful days, living each as its own special moment.


What about you?  Is there anything you indulge in that’s considered a kid thing?

Any childhood memeory that stands out?

What’s one trend you love and/or want to get on board with STAT?

4 thoughts on “TOL #4: On being a kid, trends and Panera

  1. Yep, and not just a kid thing, but a * girl* thing 😲 yeah… Tinkerbell… So yeah, but you knew that already.
    PS don’t forget who found those songs 😜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I do remember Oregon Trail! Oh man… so good, but so annoying. I don’t thin kI ever made it with all the family members I started out with. But I’d love to go back and replay it again after all this time. And I’m totally guilty of working from coffee shops. But I NEED to get myself out of the house, and I actually find that it makes me quite a bit more productive.


    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for commenting; like, you don’t even know how much that thrilled me and and made my day!! I was smiling so big, and I couldn’t even believe that *Amanda* had just commented on my blog!!! 💕

      Yeah, I totally get the reasons behind the coffee shop trend…it makes sense, but it still kind of surprises me (though I should have seen it coming) that the custom has become so widespread among the twenty and thirty-somethings that the coffee shops have started catering to that crowd. Personally, I do think that if I tried working in a coffee shop, it *would* actually make me more productive…and I think it’d be kind of fun! 😜


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