Hey everyone!  I know I said that I wanted to write a California food post for y’all, buuuut…there’s a bit of a back story here, so let me explain why I’m actually bringing you guys a sort-of-recipe today.  Firstly, The Unconventional Kitchen is not a food blog. Trail Mix Dough - December 2015 - 001 (532x800)

I’m pretty certain it never will be (way too much work), but cooking/baking/experimenting with flavors and culinary creations is what I love to do and I have a very odd approach to creating or deconstructing a recipe.  Hence the name.  But I didn’t come here to talk about my blog name; that’s a story for another post (which I will work on someday…).  Aside from dinner, which I make for the whole family, I usully am just making food for myself.  A lot of times, this involves brown rice protein powder, as I am allergic to just about every other protein powder on the planet.  Barring an increasingly emerging population of vegan blends, but I don’t like the taste of any I’ve tried.  Ha, not like brown rice protein powder is any better; in fact it tastes even worse than it sounds.  But it’s an acquired taste, so I don’t taste it that strong anymore.  All that to say that I come up with some very – um – interesting things to eat.  My family teases me sometimes with saying that I’m making another of my weird pastes, because I like things that have the texture of raw dough.  I have a Hannah’s Food Rule of Thumb that I prefer things either scalding hot, frozen or raw.  That covers pretty much all bases right there. 😉

Annnyyhow…back to the point.  I follow a few blogs, but I have only a handful of favorites.  You know, the type where I make comments that are about as long as the blogger’s original post and I want to meet them and be friends with them in real life and occasionally tell them so and just generally come across as a creepy-stalker-reader who does nothing but sit around in her living room all day and comment on blogs.  Seriously, though, I am a huge sucker for questions.  When a blogger puts questions at the end of the post, I usually will comment and answer them all.  Recently, one of my favs, Alison, posed a question at the end of her post asking what your favorite thing you ate was this weekend.  That’s a definitely always a poser for me, but I’d had this and enjoyed it again so much (despite it being like my 50th time eating it), that I finally settled on my Trail Mix Dough.  And mentioned that maybe I’d post the recipe on my blog sometime.  Ta-da!  There you go.  That’s the story.

Trail Mix Dough - December 2015 - 002 (533x800)
Now, I say recipe, but really, it’s just guidelines.  I play around with this all the time, and actually, to be completely honest, I don’t usually measure, which is why I had to make it again before I posted it. <- rough life, I know.

And I apologize ahead of time for the pictures.  It is a lame phone camera + very, very lame kitchen lighting.  And also the pictures don’t always match up with the ingredients list, because I forgot to put some things in pre-photo, and then sometimes I added more or had already added “too much” (but as I said, I like it just about any way, so play with it and make it your own).

Mix together in a bowl:

1/2 c. oats*
1 heaping TBL. hemp seeds
1 oz. chopped raisins**
3/4 oz. chopped chocolate (your fav)
1 TBL. toasted unsweetened coconut
2-3 pinches of salt

Trail Mix Dough - December 2015 - 003 (800x533)

Then add to the middle of the bowl and stir together a bit before mixing it all up:

3-5 oz unsweetened applesauce (more for a looser mixture***)
1 1/2 teas. vanilla
1 TBL. sunflower seed butter (can use other nut butter if you’re not allergic like me 😉)
1 TBL. Grade B maple syrup

Trail Mix Dough - December 2015 - 004 (534x800)

Stir thoroughly and enjoy!

Trail Mix Dough - December 2015 - 005 (800x533)
*You can use either rolled or quick oats.  I found I prefer the denser texture when I use quick, and now when I only have rolled on hand, I’ll usually crush it with my hands.
**I also adore chopped dried cherries in this, or a mix of both!  I bet you could use pretty much any dried fruit that you find compatible with chocolate.  Apricots I bet would be lovely…I should try that…
***You can really tell in my two different “completed” pictures the difference the amount of applesauce makes…it’s up to you how you like it!

Trail Mix Dough - December 2015 - 006 (800x533)
Sometimes I even like to put some in a bowl and microwave it on a low power level just until warm and melts, but not so it gets that cooked texture.  ‘Cause we all know everything is better scalding hot, cold or raw. 😜

Trail Mix Dough - December 2015 - 007 (533x800)

My turn for questions!  What about you, how do you prefer your food?  Any of your own personal Food Rules of Thumb?

What’s your chocolate darkness of choice?  Mine is dark, but not so-super-dark-it’s-powdery.

P.S. My aunt saw me using the hemp seeds and she started calling these my pot cookies.   I told her, “I bought those at Costco!!!”  I mean, seriously?!  She just likes teasing me though. 😝  Needless to say, I didn’t call them that, though I do sometimes call it that at home to be funny.


4 thoughts on “Trail Mix Dough

  1. They are giving ME a hard time about the pot thing, even though I haven’t used hemp seeds at all. 😄 I like my food warm. Not hot, just warm. Or else, raw. Sometimes frozen, but only when it’s appropriate. 🙂


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