Last week, we bought our last batch of summer peaches.  The supply at Costco is starting to get a little spotty and the price is beginning to climb.  So we decided to make this our ceremonial last batch. 😩

Last of Season Peaches - September 2015 - 001 (800x534)As you read this, the white peaches are long gone, we just polished off the last of the yellow ones.  The latter were a bit odd, in that they didn’t get very soft, but boy, were they good!  Juicy and sweet, as a perfect peach should be. 🍑  Just like a bite of all the goodness and beauty of summer. 😋  Till next year!  (This summer-loving girl is having a hard time bidding farewell to sun and heat…)

4 thoughts on “The Last of the Mohicans

  1. What’s this “summer-loving girl” business? That is officially my job. (Ok, yes technically my favorite season was spring, but summer was my second favorite, and used to be your least favorite!) Haha, who are we both?! 😃 With you loving summer, and me liking fall, who knows what will be next!


    1. I know, right??! Summer and autumn are now officially in a Battle of the Seasons for my favorite. Many things I love about autumn, but sun, blue skies, fluffy clouds, warmth and sitting outside to blog, read, etc. are things I love too much to come down solidly on the autumn side.


    1. Ah, my sister and brother love mangoes, too, but I’m more iffy on them. I can’t decide between peaches, nectarines, strawberries and raspberries…there’s just too much good fruit to decide. 🙂


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