Joining in on the fun hosted by the Amazing Amanda again!  I just have to say, I would highly recommend heading on over to her site, making some of her delicious recipes, and reading her engaging posts, because she’s wonderful, and awesome, and, if you’re anything like me, you will become part of the huge and ever-increasing fan-club!Thinking-Out-Loud2Okay, so onto the randomness!

1) Worst thing in the world: you get up in the middle of the night, stumble into the bathroom and someone has completely finished the toilet paper.  Oh wait!  No, not completely finished; there is one layer of one square left, all glued and stuck down to the roll. 😣  Second worst thing in the world: you get up in the middle of the night, drop-dead tired and all you want to do is get back to bed, and you stumble into the bathroom.  Someone did finish the roll, but they replaced it (bless them!!). 😆  But no one has used from the new roll, so the first square is still all stuck down.  <- This really happened to me, as you probably guessed.  And I’m dizzy from sleepiness and I can’t get the stupid toilet paper off the roll and end up pawing and tearing at it like a cat at a scratching post.

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2 - September 2015 - 004{No, I didn’t take this picture in the middle of the night, groggy and single-minded in my pursuit of returning to bed.  I set it up later.}

2) Can you have a bruise on the side of one’s foot?  I’m not even sure what this is, or what is causing it.  If it is a bruise, the only thing I can think that might be causing it would be the side plank twists in the 30-day Ab Challenge I’ve been doing?  I’m not even sure how that’s possible, but my body is weird.

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2 - September 2015 - 005{The bruise or whatever doesn’t show up super-well in the picture, plus it’s faded a bit since I first found it, but it’s on my right foot, a little down from my pinky toe.}

Opal Team's Vancouver Visit - May 2014 - 047 (532x800)3) I can’t even believe this guys, but my grandparents are getting an iPhone before me.  Yeah.  My grandma, who always said she would never, ever get a smartphone much less text (and of course, we all kept trying to tell her how much easier it would make her life), has an iPhone.  Sad story behind it, though, because Grandma’s purse got stolen out of their car while they were in church.  But we were still all shocked that the rest of the family convinced Grandma and Granddad that they both should get smartphones to replace their old stupid phone.  Here’s the thing, I do have a smartphone, a Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone.  My dad used to work for Microsoft, so Windows Phones were a natural choice for us, not only because we were in the Microsoft ecosystem, used to using Microsoft products and a lot of times got things for free/heavily discounted, but also because we basically had our own customer support guy in house.  I used to be fiercely loyal to all Microsoft products, perhaps irrationally so (because I didn’t have much of a reason behind it), though deep down, I’ve always loved Apple’s beautiful, sleek designs in the look of both their hardware and software.  I will be the first to admit that, while I would love to be logical and practical and evaluate things based on numbers, performance, etc., I don’t have a head for that.  All I see is the eye candy and how much I like the look.  Maybe the one I love is one that performs better or maybe not.  I literally have no idea (my sole reason for how much I love Fiats are how adorable they are).  Very long bunny trail to say that since my dad has been laid off, we are gradually (or not so gradually, depending on which you are talking about) losing the benefits of automatically choosing Microsoft.  Add to that that I am sick and tired of never being able to get the app…for anything!  Or the podcast.  VERY frustrating!!  So when I upgraded my phone last year, I seriously considered getting an iPhone, but I had absolutely 0 experience with iOS, plus I was really excited about getting to use the big Windows Phone software upgrade, Windows 8.1, which I hadn’t been able to try yet.  So I went with the Lumia, and decided I would try to spend the next two years until I can get my next upgrade learning as much I can about iOS.  That in and of itself kind of excites me, because I found that I actually really enjoy experimenting trying out new operating systems.  As long as it isn’t my phone that I need to be working for me right now!!! 😜  Because I am sooo patient like that.  Sorry I’m just going on and on, but all this to say, I can’t believe my grandparents are getting iPhones (and before me), but I am so excited, because they promised to let me and my siblings use them, play around on them and generally try to learn them.

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2 - September 2015 - 0014)  The other day, I looked outside and saw this beautiful but very different sunset.  The sun was coming through the trees at this very odd angle and it just looked so magical, like it came out of a movie or something.  Cool, huh??

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2 - September 2015 - 003

5)  I’ve been kind of fixated on ankle boots ever since it was brought to my attention that it actually is in fact, a thing. #alwayslatetothefashionparty  Every pair I see look so cute, but I am not sure I could pull off the look.  I do have a pair of ankle boots, and I wore them the other day, but to my intense dismay, it was so hard on my feet, I could barely walk by the end of the evening.  I don’t know why, because I wore them last year and I don’t remember that happening.  But my sister’s actual dream she had one night might actually come true, and I may just be passing them on down to her. 😩  But still, I’m left with the ankle boot craving. 😉June 1st Photo - June 2015 - 001{My current ankle boots…with fur!}

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2 - September 2015 - 0066)  ^^This made my day.  It was from the District Leaders of a program in which I used to participate called Bible Quizzing (I know I need to do a post on that sometime…) in response to me sending them a letter telling them I couldn’t do a project I’d committed to do a long time ago.  Various reasons for that, but their response was so sweet and touched my heart.

All for today, folks!  Hope to see you tomorrow/this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2

  1. Haha, I have a post on quizzing in my drafts, but I haven’t gotten a chance to work on it. 😀 I have been saying, “Oh I need to write that”, but I have to be in the right mood. 🙂


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