I always said I’d never be good at Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, because usually, once I think a random thought, it flies out of my head forever.  And I’m not good at summoning any thought except “I’m not thinking of anything!!” on command.  But when I had this random moment yesterday, I grabbed it and thought it would be a fitting beginning.  Thank you for the link-up, Amanda!!


1) But first, I need to fan-girl Amanda for a moment.  Even though I’ve never commented and she has absolutely no idea who I am, I’m a huge Amanda fan.  Like, I want to real-live meet her someday.  Also, her recipes?  To. die. for.  I don’t know what it is, but all of her recipes are right up my taste-bud alley.  One little, tiny complaint: she puts my most favoritest almond flavor combos together and makes me crave almonds more than ever (though that’s the best kind of complaint).  And I’m allergic.  Thankfully, not deathly allergic, so sometimes I give in, and just splurge.  My favorite recipe of hers so far is the Brownie Batter Breakfast Bake, and I’ll probably mention it again in the future, I love it so much.  Though typical of me, I like it best half-raw.  Warm, and just a wee bit set around the edges, but raw.  I love my raw stuff. 💜  Anyhow, point being, Amanda’s awesome.  And I want to go out to coffee with her.  The end. (Problem: I live in Washington, she lives in Canada…aaannnnd she doesn’t know me from Adam’s off-ox…)

2) I got bitten by a beetle for the first time yesterday.  It was a very shocking experience, especially as I’ve never been bitten or stung by anything except a mosquito.  I jumped back and started pawing through the grass I’d been laying on, trying to find the source.  I only found him after bite #2, and he got thrown across the lawn for his troubles.

3) I’m sure I am totally late to the party, because I always am, but my cousin has recommended Mandisa‘s music to me before, and recently, she suggested a couple of tobyMac songs, too.  I finally looked them up, and I’m totally hooked on Mandisa.  I’ve been listen to #allthesongs like it’s my job.  I’ve been more casual about tobyMac, as his songs aren’t quite my style as a general rule, though I can’t seem to get enough of “Get Back Up“.

4) Sorry there are no pictures with this post…I will get around to that, but I’m trying to squeeze this in around working out, making the dinner, etc.  Hopefully soon.

5)  I am beyond excited because I just made plans with my cousins to go down and visit them and help take care of their two kiddos for a couple of days. EEEEEE!!!  Seriously, I cannot even contain my joy and excitement!!  These people are some of my favorites and some of my best friends, and even though I just saw them in March, I feel like it’s been forever.

That’s it for today.  Thank you again, Amanda, for hosting this!

One thought on “Thinking Out Loud Thursdays #1

  1. Eek! I didn’t know you joined the party! The funny thing is, when I saw the link in the email you sent, I was like, “The Unconventional Kitchen…I think I know her…” Then I was like, “Wait, wait WAIT! That’s HANNAH!” Lol. 😀

    And I agree with what you said about Amanda 100%! She reminds me of you, though, so I would expect to get along with her, although in a different way. Can I come to coffee, too? (That’s a high compliment from me because I hate coffee. 🙂 But then again, the list if people I would go out to coffee for is as long as my arm, so perhaps it is saying much after all. 😀 )


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