Well, first blog post.  Monumental Moment, right?  I have a feeling I will be linking back to this post in the future (that is, if I can keep going for any length of time).  I’ll probably be saying something about “UGH, can you believe how fill-in-the-blank I was back then??”  So hello future Hannah, and hello to any future readers who might link back here! 🙋  How’s life treating you now? 😉

I am still in the middle of trying to get my feet under me, getting all the details of the blog, customizing it, putting up an about page, pictures, etc. worked out, but I am the type of person that could literally tinker my life away, making everything look pretty; actually, I’ve tried starting this blog several times over the last year or two, and gotten hung up over the albeit fun details of customization.  I decided I needed to just get started writing and do the rest as I go and as I have time.  My apologies to those of you like me who go to a blog and click directly on the About page for more info…I really am working on it.  Hopefully more details soon, and if there is anyone out there who checks out The Unconventional Kitchen during this construction period, you’ll see things gradually change…eventually. 😜

Catch up with all you wonderful peeps later!

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